Rusty is currently pulling off being a professional engineering student. Yep he's great at parties. When he is not defying the laws of physics and common decency, he likes to build small light powered robots and chase after attractive librarians. He can also threaten and cajole mechanical things into leaps of folly that should not be allowed.

Tyler is currently pulling off the excellent scam of getting paid for his hobby. Yep we're jealous. When he is not powering his toaster from a houseplant or doing his part to bring back the feudal system, he performs great feats of stage magic and finds new and more effective ways to program people. He also is the resident software expert.


Sean is currently pulling off being human. Yep he is that arrogant. When he is not scaring the bejesus out of his neighbors or telling reality to get bent, he works on his business, and makes going to hell sound like fun for the whole family. He is our P.R. man; he also knows where to hide the bodies where the hikers won't find them.

Jennie is currently developing a telemarketer's guild. Yep isn't that exciting. When not honing her people management skills and juggling egos, she seems to be the only one who can keep the entire circus on the same sheet of music. No small feat when one person thinks they’re planning world domination, one thinks they're reading a schematic, and yet a third thinks in java script. She is the camp councilor, knows more about manipulating people than she likes to admit and is working towards a MS in library science (mmm...librarian)
Rian is a depressive literature student with a poor sense of humor and an even poorer sense of taste. He is far from exciting and even farther out towards left field than most of us weirdoes, and for all intents and purposes he seems to divide the world into two categories, weapons and shields. Despite his quasi-goth lifestyle testing has proven that he can withstand sunlight...although it seems he cannot cross running water, or withstand the effects of a cursed katana.
Rob is currently working on his doctorate in Ebonics. Yep, a professor in the making. When not singing karaoke, or seducing defenseless women Rob seems to simply disappear. He is our resident advisor on deviant behavior in all it's myriad of forms. Somewhere along the line he picked up the title "two amp can stack", though he never drinks the stuff so we're not sure why.
Gary is currently apathetically seeking a degree in art (would you like fries with that?) He is more or less buffeted by the winds of fate pursuing anything that catches his interest. He won't really tell us what he does when he's not busy jury rigging some odd piece of stuff in a way that nature never intended- frankly, it makes us nervous. Gary is currently under investigation for "inappropriate use of Linux"... something involving a 1.6GHz Pentium being used to run an iced tea machine. (Legal council has forbade details until after trial.)