Mostly Harmless?

XXX - Camera's gone wild!

The pen may be mightier than the sword, but it's no shockglove.

"I've got 300 volts wired to my hand ... Rusty are you sure this is safe?"

Ed. Note: Next time we'll get a picture of Rusty's face so you too can experience the joy.

Uncle Rusty sez:

  1. Acquire two disposable flash cameras.
    These can be obtained almost anywhere disposable cameras are processed, generally free for the asking.
  2. Pry apart the camera shell.
    Careful, there is a charged capacitor inside!
  3. Remove the battery.
  4. Use a screwdriver to arc across the two leads of the capacitor.
    (So you don't get shocked during the build.)
  5. Remove the flash with a soldering iron.
  6. Remove the little press button that charges the flash.
    (It should be held on by a piece of tape.)
  7. Solder one wire to the center and one on the outside contact of where the button just was.
    (This is going to be for your charge switch.)
  8. Bend the long copper piece next to the capacitor over to the shiny chrome piece above it and then solder them together.
  9. Solder a lead to each side of where the flash was.
    (Make the leads long as they go to your contacts.)
  10. Pull apart a second camera.
    Remember that charged capacitor.
  11. Discharge this capacitor with a screwdriver just like the previous one.
  12. Remove this capacitor from the camera with a soldering iron.
  13. Solder this capacitor to the other making sure that the leads with the white stripe (negative) are together.
  14. Now all that you have to do is find some good bits of metal to attach to the 'tazer' leads and to the fingers of the glove.
  15. Place the circuit board in a non-conductive enclosure.

To arm the device:

  1. Insert battery.
  2. Touch leads from button area together.
  3. Wait for little light to shine
  4. Find an unsuspecting friend.

Standard disclaimer. We've given reasonably accurate instructions on how to turn a couple of cameras, a glove, and a bit of wire into an effective tazer-like device. Obviously this can be dangerous - so can a tazer. Treat them the same way, and remember everything you do is at your own risk. After all, would you really trust us?

Oh god!, camera guts are everywhere (notice the red, that's the fabled camera blood.)

Bastardizing a board.

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